Cash flow: The main cause of sleepless nights for business owners!

Running a business well and securely requires that you know your numbers! You have to be able to plan for cash flow and avoid the unexpected. It’s also about forecasting the numbers so that you can plan for growth.

There are 3 rules for effective cash flow management:
1) Improve cash flow inward
2) Reduce cash out
3) Have a plan!

By following these 3 rules you’ll have a good grasp on where your business is right now and be able to plan, and predict, your future success. Knowing your numbers ensure that your business is safe and so that you can make the right decisions to maximise the profit.

Join Doug Pudney on Friday 7th May as he explores the 3 rules for effective cash flow management and supplies you with a number of tools to support including a cash flow forecast template.

Key takeaways from the session:
• The 3 rules for effective cash flow management, and how to implement them in your business
• A cash flow improvement checklist that you can use in your business right now!
• A cash flow forecast template that you can use to start forecasting in your business

Here’s what attendee Marie said about a previous webinar:

“I learnt about the power of strategy and how to build my own with Peter Loverdos of ActionCOACH Reading & Wokingham. It was the best spent 45 minutes of my week….
I highly recommend Peter and his team to anyone looking to grow their business, cost-effectively, strategically and with a profitable future in mind.”

Doug Pudney

Doug Pudney

About the Coach:

Doug Pudney is a Certified Business Coach and has been on a three-decade business success mission to discover the levers that raise mediocre business performance to stellar heights.

As Doug’s client you can expect him to clarify your goals and identify the opportunities where you and your business need to focus to achieve growth, enabling you to move from chaos to control, and be working on and not in your business.

Friday 7th May

9:30 am - 10:15 am



01491 877522