Train to run Client Alignments & Group Alignments

Join us for this training day to both complete your own alignment AND to gain training and tools to run Group Alignments for your own clients.

Online – Zoom meeting. Please note, last booking date in order to ship materials is Tuesday 4th May.


You’ll finish the day with your own 5-year vision-orbit business plan on a single sheet, an 18 month banner with post-it notes of your key actions (ready to turn into a 90-day each quarter plan separately), and a clear idea of your own business direction and priorities. During the process, we’ll give you a clear agenda and understanding of how to run a day for your clients.

About the Workshop

The purpose of an Alignment Day is primarily to ensure that the business goals are aligned with your personal goals, and to gain some clarity on the key goals for both.  Getting a clear picture of the goals you want to achieve in the business over the next 12-18 months is our aim, and it will help move your business forward dramatically.

The topics covered during the full-day workshop will include looking at:

  • 3-5 year vision
  • 12-18 month personal goals
  • 12-18 month business goals
  • Business opportunities and challenges
  • Personal Development
  • 12-18 month goal schedule

A major focus of the Alignment day is gathering together all the potential goals into a plan with timescales. At the end of the day you’ll walk away with a clear schedule for the next 12-18 months, broken into quarters and months so that you know exactly what needs to be done and the confidence that you can achieve it.

Tools – Group Alignment in a Box!

Optionally you can add to your booking order for an “alignment in a box” training kit. We’ll provide you with the tools to run an alignment day for six clients. The package will contain:
6 x 12-18 Month Planning banners
18 x Vision-Orbit templates on A3 paper (three each to allow for draft copies)
6 x Marker Pen sets
6 x Packs of three small Post-It notes
6 x 6-steps Questionnaire
6 x Branded A4 notepaper booklet

We’ll also provide electronic files for a 2-page leaflet in Adobe InDesign and editable PDF that you can use to advertise your own workshop.

For each attending coach, we’re also happy to offer a 30-minute call to discuss and help you organise and run your own workshop, then occasional ad-hoc support as and when you have questions. I’ll also provide you with a link to access ALL our materials so you can tailor your own versions or simply reprint more materials to run more workshops.

Who should attend?

You, the ActionCOACH Business Coach, of course, and you can also bring an additional team member or a partner if you wish. A BDM or Marketing assistant could be appropriate so they can help you to set-up and run your own event. While online, you are welcome to add additional team members free, or at £20+VAT each if you want them to have a plan and materials in front of them too – ideal if you’re all participating from home individually.

When face to face we limit each workshop to eight coaches, each of whom can optionally bring one assistant. However, online we limit it to ten coaches so that everyone can still get enough time for your own questions during the day.


What’s Included?  The set of materials to run your own alignments, the documents to work on yours during the training day, all the editable documents electronically, a 30-minute follow-up zoom session to help with any aspect, and a further year’s access to all the shared material updates.

Main attendee: £345+VAT
Optional “alignment in a box” kit: £100+VAT (returning attendees may not wish to have this a second time)
Additional attendee from your business: £49+VAT free while online
Planning kit per extra attendee, optional: £20+VAT posted 3 days ahead.

Payment options: You may pay in full 3 days before, or on a payment plan of four monthly instalments by GoCardless, starting prior to the event.


No ActionCOACH workshop would be complete without a guarantee! So we’re offering a no-quibble full money-back guarantee to any attendee who decides at the end of the day that it wasn’t worth every penny. Remember that you’ll not only complete your own alignment – you’ll be equipped to run your own alignment for 6 clients at RRP £345 = £2070+VAT each time you run one. More importantly, your smaller business clients, eg those in group coaching, will benefit hugely from a clear and actionable plan.


Friday 7th May

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

from £345+VAT


01491 877523