Plan to Thrive, not just survive

In these challenging days as we deal with the coronavirus onset, it’s important to make a positive plan and thrive, not just survive. My colleagues in ActionCOACH are helping businesses worldwide to proactively plan and lead their way through the situation. We’ve put together a series of slides and made it into webinars. Hundreds of us have been creating our own take on this and publishing it on YouTube to ensure every business owner has this guidance.

As many business owners have already reported, this webinar gives them the inspiration to examine the key points it raises to give the credible leadership and put together a plan. The 11 points covered in the webinar will also help you to plan your business in a step by step way to ensure that all the key issues are addressed. by working together, we can bring all our businesses through this situation and look forward to a positive outcome where the business is better and stronger as a result.

The webinar covers:

  • Step 1: Communicate
  • Step 2: Be Positive
  • Step 3: Know the cycles of business
  • Step 4: Change is the constant
  • Step 5: Cutting back
  • Step 6: Extend Credit
  • Step 7: Staffing cuts/changes
  • Step 8: Plan working from home
  • Step 9: Online ordering & Delivery
  • Step 10: Keep marketing and selling
  • Step 11: Repeat business – look after your customers

More webinars will follow in the days to come and I’m sure you’ll find the concepts and the action steps useful as you navigate your way through to success.