Growing a business brings challenges. How you deal with the challenges and related growing pains is the difference between success and failure. Join this business seminar to learn how other business owners are growing their profits through the ActionCOACH 6 Steps process.

Would you like to learn to:

  • Create successful marketing that generates new business AND gives you a return on your investment
  • Manage your time effectively, making sure your working hours are productive and you get stuff done!
  • Recruit and motivate an excellent team that you can trust to do the job well, meaning you can focus on growing the business

Then this workshop is for you… You’ll leave with the tools and strategies needed to develop and grow your business with a supportive and successful team.

You will benefit from this business seminar if:

  1. You want to grow your company.
  2. You appreciate and understand that an outside perspective will help.
  3. You want to have more fun.
  4. You want more free time.
  5. You want to make more money.
  6. You know that your business is supposed to provide you with a lifestyle, not become your life.
  7. You want to recruit, motivate and reward a great team.

The 6 Steps system is a structure for growing your business that has been tried and tested over 26 years with 100s of thousands of businesses in over 80 countries!

“THE best 3hrs of my week – I came away feeling energised and motivated! Thank you!”


Friday 15th July

9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Drake Way

01491 877522