Managing your use of time effectively is key to your personal success and the success of your business.

In this webinar, Russell will walk you through some simple step-by-step ways to get your routines in place to GET STUFF DONE!

You’ll learn:
• Effective tools to manage your time
• How to decide whether to do something, delegate it or dump it!
• What the time target is and why you should spend time in the ‘zone’

Russell Munday

Russell Munday

About the Coach:

Russell Munday is a Certified Business Coach with over 25 years of commercial experience starting with opening a start-up specialist recruitment contract division and moving into working with organisations on a consultancy basis and supporting with a whole host of services.

With a passion for coaching / mentoring, Russell is inspired by helping business owners to achieve their goals and aspirations and loves nothing more than working with companies transform their sales, revenue, business goals and methodologies.

Thursday 26th November

9:30 am - 10:30 am



01491 877522