“I’m not interested”, “We’re fine as we are”, “It’s too expensive!” “I don’t need it!”

Learn how to love objections! They’re your chance to perform and show your client that you are different. Learn to handle and navigate objections using a term called ‘UTURN’ and you’ll see your conversion rate increase with better quality sales as a result.

Prospects will often present a number of concerns on initial sales calls and meetings, your job is to alleviate their fears, answer their questions and progress the sale – you’ll only be to do this by mastering the art of objection handling.

If you’d like more consistent and better quality sales then join us on Friday 16th April as Russ Munday will demonstrate how to overcome prospects objections and encourage them through to a purchase.

Key learnings you’ll take away from this session:
• Key listening and understanding skills & strategies
• How to respond in ways that alleviate their fears
• Easily create your own Objection handling statements
• Closing tips and statements to get the sale over the line

Here’s what Amanda said about working with ActionCOACH Reading & Wokingham:

“ How my business looks now is very different from how it started, the team has some great experience which they are very happy to share with you and they challenge you to think differently about things, which makes you a more effective business owner.”


Russell Munday

Russell Munday

About the Coach:

Russell Munday is a Certified Business Coach with over 25 years of commercial experience starting with opening a start-up specialist recruitment contract division and moving into working with organisations on a consultancy basis and supporting with a whole host of services.

With a passion for coaching / mentoring, Russell is inspired by helping business owners to achieve their goals and aspirations and loves nothing more than working with companies transform their sales, revenue, business goals and methodologies.

Friday 16th April

9:30 am - 10:15 am



01491 877522