Ask most business owners and managers and they’ll tell you that their people are the company’s greatest asset. Creating and maintaining that team is therefore vital, yet so many get it wrong.

Most job adverts are actually job descriptions and they read more like a ransom demand – “You must” and “You will” – hardly the way you would write an advert to market your products and services, let alone your next team member.

Following a step-by-step recruitment process creates better results – and saves time and money. By designing this process and using it every time, you gain consistency and simplicity.

Working with a good recruitment agency can be an excellent move. Working with a poor one can be a frustrating waste of money. The principles we present apply in either case – you need to know who you’re looking and how to attract them.

Join Business Coach Russell Munday on Friday 23rd April as he presents simple and effective processes – ensuring you find your ideal candidate.

Key points:
• Understand your ideal candidate
• How to attract the right applicants
• The key principles to remember when recruiting
• How to ensure you get the right fit for your business

Here’s what Mary said about working with ActionCOACH Reading & Wokingham:

“It helps question what you do rather than tell you what you’re doing wrong – don’t always agree but that’s the best bit because they help you to question your processes etc!

Russell Munday

Russell Munday

About the Coach:

Russell Munday is a Certified Business Coach with over 25 years of commercial experience starting with opening a start-up specialist recruitment contract division and moving into working with organisations on a consultancy basis and supporting with a whole host of services.

With a passion for coaching / mentoring, Russell is inspired by helping business owners to achieve their goals and aspirations and loves nothing more than working with companies transform their sales, revenue, business goals and methodologies.

Friday 23rd April

9:30 am - 11:00 am



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