Building high-performance teams

It’s said by business leaders that “Our people are our greatest asset”, yet the greatest asset is rarely treated that way. Imagine a team where everyone works efficiently and effectively. Where everyone can be relied upon to do what they say they’ll do, when they say they’ll do it. An environment where everyone knows the company vision and values and have complete buy-in. This is what we can help you create and maintain.

It might seem like an unattainable dream. But even if you can move 10% further ahead with this culture than you are now, that will likely mean a lot of improvements. It will be easier to attract and retain the best people. Absenteeism will be lower and those who are physically present will be mentally emotionally engaged. Efficiency will increase and, with that, profits will increase measurably.

If you’d like to see these benefits in your business, contact one of our team and we’ll be happy to help. We’ll gain an understanding of your situation, what you’d like to improve, then recommend some ways to move forward.

Ways we can support you in building your high-performing team:
• Team workshops – engage and motivate your whole business
• Coaching members of your team as well as managers and the business owners
• Profiling tools such as DISC, Learning Styles, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence and Management 360 Assessments to help you understand why your team behave the way they do and how to make improvements.


Time Management and Effectiveness

Achieving the right results in a timely and effective manner is the cornerstone of success, both personally and across the business.

If we could help you to achieve a 10% effectiveness improvement, how much would that translate to in costs saved and additional profits achieved? Our programs more than pay for themselves.

Some of the tools and strategies we can help you to implement to increase effectiveness in your business:
• Default diary – an organised way to maximise your time
• Goal setting and planning through practical and applied methodologies
• Delegation – why, how and where to start
• Systemisation, processes, and checklists to streamline effectiveness

Maximising the profit in your business

Profits drive every element of a successful business, from R&D to attracting the right team and delivering the best service.

Just some of the ways we can help you maximise your profits:
• Show you ways to monitor the numbers that matter to your business
• Measure and increase the cash you have available in your business
• Teach you about your financial documents including P&L, Balance Sheet etc


Wonder where your focus should be to drive your business to the next level?

Want to work out which key areas to master in order to successfully grow your business with clarity and confidence? Take our 'next level assessment' to find out where to start.

Strategies to drive leads and sales

Consistent growth can only happen when a business achieves predictable generation of the right number and quality of leads and a system to turn them into paying customers.

When working with an ActionCOACH you’ll have access to:
• Over 80 different lead generation strategies
• Webinars, Seminars and Workshops dedicated to successful sales and marketing
• Tools, strategies and systems to improve your sales processes

Create and maintain effective business plans

Start with the end in mind and then plan how you get there. Once you have goals in place, creating the right plan to deliver the results on-target and on budget is paramount.

Why having an effective business plan will benefit your business:
• Your business will grow in the way you want it to
• An effective plan will encourage team cooperation and buy-in, which in turn will increase performance
• It makes life easier! You’ll gain clarity, not only personally but for your business’s future

Planning to exit or acquire a business

Whether thinking about a business exit or an acquisition, there are proven ways to maximisde the value and achieve a smooth transition.

Benefits of working with a coach when considering exit or acquisition:
• Access to powerful business tools to grow the value of your business
• Support in navigating the intricacies of business exit or acquisition
• An experienced professional to be with you at meetings, negotiations and check over agreements

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