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3D rule - Dit, Drop it, or Delegate it

Quickly complete your to-do list using the 3D rule

The 3D rule is a way to narrow your choices and act on your list of priorities. The choices for each item are: • Do it! (Now, or in the next hour) • Drop it! • Delegate it!

Plan tomorrow

Make tomorrow's plan before you leave the office each day

Plan tomorrow before you finish today. Make it the team culture to plan for the next day before leaving the office. Tomorrow's plan will increase performance, productivity, clarity of purpose and motivation

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Four phases of delegation

Why don’t we use delegation more? The reasons I often hear are: “I tried it, and it didn’t work…” “It takes longer to delegate than to just do it myself…” “They just don’t listen so they do it the wrong way…” “If I want something…

Important vs urgent

Have you ever heard the saying “If you lose money, you can earn some more – but if you lose time, it’s gone and you can’t get it back!”? I continually encounter people who want to change their life or business… but now is a…

time is money

What is your time worth per hour? Unless you’re in a business charging per hour, this might seem hard to know or even irrelevant. But even if you do charge an hourly rate, chances are that not all your hours are billable. If you focus…