In a recent independent NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey undertaken by WorkBuzz, business coaching firm ActionCOACH (South Central) achieved the very enviable NPS score of 75.

For context, that is higher than Apple (47), and very close to Starbucks (77) and Costco (79) as reported by global research firm

Rob Pickering, Senior Partner and Coach comments, “Achieving such a high NPS is an important recognition for our team and our Coaching Practice. We’d like to thank our clients for judging us thus, and for the dedication and commitment they make to their coaching. When our clients are successful, we are successful – that’s a true win-win partnership”.

The coaching Practice is entirely focused on client success. “What success looks like varies by client,” adds Peter Loverdos, Senior Partner and Coach. “Some business owners want to create a new balance between work and home life, some want to pursue a fast-growth trajectory and others may want to build and engage highly effective teams. Our role as coaches is to equip our clients with the necessary skills to make this happen, and to support them on their journey”.